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Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC)


Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC)


Vadodara Municipality

Vadodara Municipality Office +91-265-2431466/67
Municipal Commissinor's Office (Epabx) +91-265-2433344
Deputy Municipal Commissinor's Office (Epabx) +91-265-2433233
The Vadodara Municipal Corporation is the highest body of administration of the Vadodara city. It is also responsible for maintaining the civic infrastructure of the well planned city. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation or VMC provide numerous services that include:
  1. Building and maintaining gardens
  2. Garbage removal
  3. Providing emergency services like fire brigade
  4. Maintaining the city's zoo
  5. Opening and maintaining swimming pools
  6. Providing ambulance service
  7. Maintaining the Akota Stadium
  8. Provides water tankers for during water scarcity in an area or for any special purposes like weddings and functions

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation also maintains the Sardar Patel Planetarium and other places of public interests and accommodations like the Atithi Gruh, Swami Vivekananda Art Galley, the Pravasi Gruh etc. One can also hire the musical band maintained by VMC for functions and programs.

Headed by the Mayor, the municipal corporation of Vadodara has several departments like:

    Emergency Services:
  1. Vadodara Police Department >>
  2. Vadodara Hospitals and Blood Bank >>
  3. Vadodara Fire Department >>
  4. Vadodara Ambulance >>
    Other Municipal organization
  1. Electricity Department >>
  2. Water Department >>
  3. Public Transport >>
  4. Complain Center Department >>
  5. Octroi Department >>
  6. Building - Housing Department >>
  7. Gas Department >>
  8. Public Relation Department >>
  9. Revenue Department >>
  10. Drainage Department >>
  11. Land and Estate Department >>
  12. Street Light Department >>
  13. Record Department >>
  14. Health Department >>
  15. Food Inspection Department >>
  16. Tourist Department >>

Vadodara Police Department

Police. 100
Control Room ACP 2413000
Control Room 100, 2415111
Vadodara Police EPABX 2436999
Police Commissioner 2431414
Joint Police Commissioner 2432020
DCP (North) 2432424
DCP (South) 2432626
Rural 2419777
City 2561310
Fatehgunj 2561310
Gorwa 2791500
J P Road 2901313
Karelibayg 2432592
Makarpura 2651915
Navapura 2422669
Panigate 2562899
Raopura 2423500
Sayajigunj 2362400
Wadi 2431400

Vadodara Hospitals and Blood Bank

Civil Hospital 22683721, 22683722
L.G.Hospital (Maninagar) 22169980
Cancer Hospital 22881451
Govt. Dental College & Hospital 22880631
Bankers Heart Institute 2327401
Mental Hospital 25622485
Sadvichar Parivar Kidney Hospital 22880450
Baroda Heart Institute & Research Centre 2325444
Bhailal Amin GEn. Hospital 2280300
S.S.G Hospital 2423122
Jamnabai Hospital 2517400
ESI Hospital (General & Chest Disease)2336421
T B Hospital 2398108
Mental Hospital 2461493
Shree Narhari Arogya Kendra 2794414
Yogini Vasantdevi Arogya Mandir 2433300
Kasiba Children Hospital 2463906
Vijay Vallabh General Hospital 2563866
B M C Hospital 2562010
Shir Jalaram Hospital 2565863
Maharani Shantadevi Hospital 2436644

Vadodara Fire Fighting Department / Fire Station

Control Room 101
Dandia Bazaar 2420881, 2420882, 2426313, 2426413
Gajarawadi 2580908
Panigate 2513014
Wadi Wadi 2343545
Makarpura GIDC 2642444
Complaints 2434117, 2434118, 2434119
Memnagar Fire Station 27417203
Sabarmati Fire Station 27506795
Odhav Fire Station 22875434

Vadodara Ambulance (102)

Fire Brigade Ambulance Service 101
Ambulance Seva Kendra 2424646
Sayaji Hospital 2423122
Jamnabai Hospital 2517400
Red Cross Society 2413382
Narhari Arogya Kendra 2794413, 2794414
Night 26583040, 26582040

Vadodara Electricity Department

GEB (main) 2436121-33
Navlakhi 2419583
Race Course 2310582-85
Akota 2358277
Alkapuri 2344777
Atladra 2338987
Fatehpura 2510335
Fathegunj 2793533
Gendi Gate 2520745
Gotri 2395777
Gorwa 2359089
Karelibaug 2484491
Lalbaug 2641795
Makarpura 2642382
Panigate 2513922
Tarsali 2645677
Vidyut Nagar 2332766
Amaraiwadi Zone 22771089
Vasna 26608168
Maintenance Department 25502881
Naranpura Zone 27492222

Water Department

Gajrawadi 2580139
Panigate 2562144
Channi 2773981
Harni 2484785
Gotri 2371141
Karelibaug 2460205
Warasia 2574114
Sayajiganj 2794310
Jail 2410954
Lalbaug 2417709
GIDC 2643507
Sevasi-Gotri 2341434
Akota 2344585
Waghodia Road 2514796
East Zone 2410950
Sama 2795156
Wadi Wadi 2344347
Gorwa 2280570
Tarsali 2641859
Tandalja 2314714

Public Transport

Central Bus Station 2794700, 2794293
City Bus Station 2224411
Panigate Depot 2560838
Makarpura Depot 2643850, 2647204
Race Course Depot 2344871

Complain Center Department


Badamdi Baug,
Palace Road,

Ph. No. 5535553 / 5535554

Time : -
10:30am to 02:00 pm
02:30 pm to 06:10pm

Nagrik Suvidha Kedra - 2
Opp. Bal Bhavan.
Near Kasiba Childern Hospital
Kareli Baug,

Time : -
10:30am to 02:00 pm
02:30 pm to 06:10pm


Vadodara Octroi Department

Administration 2792109
Recovery 2786871
Station Assessment 2793375
Atladra 2332425
Mangal Bazar 2431425
Channi 2773947
Tarsali 2641686
Gotri 2370873
Jambuva 2643767
Harni Naka 2483742
Vadoadra S.T Depot 2793
Undera Naka (Gorwa)2280253
Sama Naka 2782658

Octroi office (Tollgates) (Octroi Naka)

  1. Vadodara Railway. Station (East)
  2. Vadodara Railway Station (West)
  3. Pratapnagar Railway Station
  4. Vishvamitri Railway. Station
  5. Makarpura
  6. Chhani (N. H. No.8)
  7. Undera
  8. Gotri
  9. Atladara (Padra Road)
  10. Jambuva
  11. Leprosy Hospital (Ajwa Road)
  12. Bapod (Waghodia Road)
  13. Harni (Godhara Road)
  14. Camp
  15. Vasana Yamuna Mill (Dabhoi Road)
  16. Sama
  17. Tarsali
  18. Vadodara S.T. Depot
  19. Air Port
  20. Air Parcel Office
  21. Fulwadi
  22. Kalali Road
  23. Dhaniyavi Road
  24. Karodia Road
  25. Chhani Check Post
  26. Yamuna mill Check post
  27. Jambuva check post
  28. Harni check post
  29. Tarsali Check post
  30. Miles India

Octroi Checking:-
With a view to preventing octroi, various groups have been formed which are engaged in checking & preventing tax evasion. The employees in these groups are equipped with walkie-talkie.

No-Bill Forms Clearance :
Octroi is generally collected at the check posts as per the standing order No.10. In case where enough proof of imported goods is not readily available, octroi on such goods is collected on no-bill basis as per the standing order No.17, such a no bill form has to be cleared within a period of 30 days by producing bill invoice, excise invoice, bill of entry etc In case no such formalities are completed, legal proceedings are under taken u/s 399 of the B.P.M.C. Act & standing order No.27. The Court in turn may impose fine on the concerned party. If no documents like bill etc are produced, octroi is decided on the basis of Municipal value.

Procedure regarding exporting goods.
If outstation goods is to be carried out of the city within a period of 24 hrs, an export certificate has to be obtained by producing the import bill No. (Receipt No.) and the goods at the export tollgate. For Octroi refund in such cases, necessary documents such as Transport L.R., Bill, invoice etc. Should be enclosed along with the refund application.
If the goods is not exported within a period of 24 hrs D form has to be filled up at the head office of octroi and permission for delay should be obtained within a period of 24 hrs. In such a case, it is necessary to mention as to where the goods is kept and for what reason, A go down pass then has to be collected and produced for getting an export certificate.

Procedure for Refund :
In cases, where octroi is refundable, an application in this regard has to be made within a period of fifteen days from the date of exporting the goods. The application must be enclosed along with export certificate, Octroi payment receipt and other necessary documents Such an application should be made to the head office.

In cases where excess amount of octroi is paid an application should be made within a period of 30 days. The excess amount of refund is otherwise not refundable. Octroi superintendent is entitled to refund an amount up to Rs.5000/- where as the Dy. Municipality Commissioner may refund an amount up to Rs.20,000/- For an amount exceeding Rs. 20,000/- the application is forwarded to the Accounts office after ascertaining orders from the concerned authority.

Current Account Facility :
The current account scheme has been introduced to facilitate the industrial units to pay Octroi. Once the octroi is deposited in this account in advance, there is no need to pay cash at the octroi office situated at the entrance in the city. The amount is recovered directly by debiting the party’s account.

Punishment for non payment of octroi:
Evasion of Octroi is a punishable offence u/s 176, 178, 114 of I.P.C. It is also punishable in terms of fine u/s 398 of the B.P.M.C. Act.


Building - Housing Department

Engineer (Drainage) 2480373
Engineer (Gutter) 2397272
Engineer (Hot Mix Plant) 2419673
Engineer (Road Traffic) 2511211


Building-Housing :

The Corporation has constructed 4108 houses/ flats at various places with the financial aid from the HUDCO. The Corporation has also constructed 458 houses under the scheme of 15000 houses. 1464 low cost quarters and 518 plinth quarters have also been built by the Municipal Corporation. The department deals with the work of sale deed and transfer of such houses.

Transfer of the houses is done on the ancestral rights. In case where the applicant makes a written application, such transfer is required to be done on a Stemp Paper worth Rs. 85/- whereas a Stamp Paper worth Rs. 20/- is required when the application is made by the holder of the power of Attorney. Such Stamp Paper is to be notarized and should enclose relevant documents. A non-refundable transfer fee of Rs. 10000/- for A type houses; Rs. 7000/- for B type houses and Rs. 5000/- for C Type houses are charged. Sale deed is affected only after transferring the property. Such a deed is done for the original construction of the property.

A grant has been received under the scheme of improving environmental facilities in the slums; out of which 100 plinth level lavatories in Navapura area have been built at a cost of Rs. 3.27 Lacs. The work pertaining to water supply, drainage, roads and street light is undertaken in 17 different areas at a cost of Rs. 46.31 lacs. An amount of Rs. 23 lacs has already been spent on it.

A task of constructing some 1272(EWS) ground houses is undertaken on the land allotted by U. L. C. and also on the open plots. This is to be done with the HUDCO aid. An estimated expenditure of Rs. 7 crore is likely to be incurred. The scheme is scheduled to be over by May' 2000. 840 houses ( ground + two storey) are also to be built on the land provided by the U. L. C.

Applications from the citizens have been invited for the allotment of 1272 houses and the work is likely to be commenced.

The Corporation has recently received an amount of Rs. 142 Lac for the development in the slums under the National slum development scheme. 18 different development projects will be undertaken soon under the scheme.

Moreover, various works such as construction of Atithi Gruh, Building of Primary Schools, Maintenance of historical monuments etc. are undertaken.

Information regarding compliance of sale deed

  1. An application is required to be made
  2. Municipal Tax Bill
  3. N.O.C of electric department of Vadodara Municipal Corporation
  4. No due certificate
  5. Xerox copy of the ration card
  6. Identity card with photograph
  7. Consent on Stamp paper worth Rs 20/-

A list of particulars to be submitted by the buyer of the Housese.

  1. An application with the consent of the original allotee
  2. Power of Attorney on a Stamp Paper worth Rs 85/- (Xerox copy to be attested by the court)
  3. Copy of the sale deed on a Stamp Paper worth Rs 20/- (Xerox copy to be attested by the court)
  4. Identity card of the original allotee and the buyer
  5. Xerox copy of the No Due certificate
  6. Xerox copy of the last paid Municipal Tax Bill
  7. Latest paid Electricity Bill
  8. Original court affidavit of the buyer on a Stamp Paper worth Rs 20/- ( Proforma is printed)
  9. N.O.C of the electric department to be acquired from the room No 7 of Navlakhi

The work will be undertaken only after the above requirements are fulfilled.



Executive Engineer Phone PBX : 433116

1. Work regarding maintenance and repair of old and hazardous houses of the city.

The task to safen the building which are hazardous to lives, is under taken by the concerned ward office and zonal office. A legal notice is issued to occupant of the building by the Municipal Corporation U/S. 264 of the B. P. M. C. Act 1949. If the Occupant does nothing to safen the building, the engineering branch of the ward office dose it. If found necessary, The Municipal Corporation may demolish the building. In case where the occupant is a tenant, a cost certificate is issued to him U/S 10 D (4) of the Rent Act. Citizens are required to contact the concerned ward office in this respect.

2. Complaints regarding public building.

Maintenance of various public buildings, lavatories, urinals, etc. which fall within the perview of the Engineering department of the zonel office is undertaken by the ward office and regarding complaints are also solved by the ward office.

Apart from the above mentioned buildings, some other public places such as Atithi Gruh, schools, crematorium, grave yards, vegetable markets etc. are also maintained by the concerned ward office.


Gas Department


Any complaint regarding gas supply can be lodged at the Nandanvan Gas Station.

Sr. No. Type of Complaint Time Limit

1. Gas leakage Immediately
2. Suspicion regarding leakage/odour Immediately
3. Gas fire Immediately
4. Damage to the gas line during escavation Immediately
5. Damage to the pipeline due to any other reason Immediately
6. Prevent gas supply during house collapse etc Immediately
7. Change of gas tap/valve Within four days after making payment
8. Complaint regarding meter checking Within five days after making required payment with application
9. Non functioning of meter 5 days after receiving complaint
10. Change of name of the gas connection 15 days after making application
11. shifting the connection 30 days after making application with required fees.
12. Voluntary disconnection & safe sustody 10 days after making application with fees.
13. Disconnecting Permentantly 10 days after making application & depositing the concerned good
14. Dismantling the connection 10 days after kaing application
15. Reconnection
A. 10 days after making an application in one's own house at the same place.
B. 10 days after making an application in one's own house but at a different place. This is done after the resolution is made in this respect.
16. Bill Correction On producing the last paid bill immediately
17. When meter is not working & bill is issued on Flat Rate basis


Public Relation Department


Public Relation Officer Phone: 2433388

Public Relation Office of the Corporation sanctions monetary aid to the public Organizations and Akhadas on yearly basis. The department issued application forms after issuing a press note in the local news paper. Such a press release is published either in the month of December or January.

Detailed information can be had from the Department.


Revenue Department


Exemplary List of the revenue activities :

Work relating transfer of name on house property/allotment of houses. (Prescribed from is printed overleaf).

To keep record of the resolutions regarding vacant houses (An application to this effect is to be made by the applicant on a plane paper. If the house is to be kept vacant for a minimum of 60 days, the application should be made to the ward office. A separate application is also required to be made for refund of tax in the month of April every year to make a note of the vacant house in the municipal register. This can be done only after making due Payments.)

To keep records of the resolutions made in case of demolished houses for nullifying the assessment. An application is required to be made by the applicant on a plane paper.

To send all those applications, received by the ward in respect of assessment and entry of names as occupant, to the assessment office.

Such application can be made once in a year in the month on April only. Such application should be made to the concerned ward or in the assessment office.

To allot open plots of the municipal corporation temporarily on hire basis particularly during the festivals. This is done in accordance with the circulars made from time to time by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC).

To send reports to the assessment department in case of complaints received regarding dual or repeated assessment (An application is required to be made by the applicant on a piece of paper either to the ward office or to the assessment office.)

To enter the change of names on shops/cabins or laris as per the sales deed or as per the ensastral right after receiving prescribed non-refundable registration fees. (An application on a plane paper is required. Necessary documents such as transfer deed, N.O.C. of the electric dept., Death certificate agreement of the heirs, receipts of all the dues paid to the corporation etc.)

To do such work as may be required for exemption of education cess. This is to be done in accordance with the rules fixed by the Govt. Necessary Permission is to be acquired from the Govt. if necessary. To avail such facility, the applicant will have to make an application enclosing required documents such as Registration Certificate and Audit Reports of the last three years of the organisation for which such exemption is required.

An application is required to be made to the Municipal Commissioner, to get exemption from the General Tax, enclosing necessary documents such as Registration Certificate of the trust and audit report of the last three years. The Municipal Corporation will do the needful to grant exemption as per the section 132 of B.P.M.C. Act.


PExecutive Engineer Ph : (O) 433453

Public Relation Office of the Corporation sanctions monetary aid to the public Organizations and Akhadas on yearly basis. The department issued application forms after issuing a press note in the local news paper. Such a press release is published either in the month of December or January.

Detailed information can be had from the Department.


Drainage Department

Drainage - Storm water Department

Various storm water drainage and open channels are made for proper disposal of rainwater during monsoon. These drainage and channels are required to be cleaned from time to time. Such cleanliness program is generally commenced in the month of April every year and is completed by the month of June. The following work is carried out by the zonal office regarding disposal of water and the regarding complaints are received by the ward office.

1. Maintenance of the storm water drainage.
2. Fixing or changing lids on the chambers of the storm water drainage.
3. Cleaning and repairing of the storm water drainage.
4. Solving complaints regarding removal of accumulated water in the lower areas of the city.
5. It is brought to the notice of the corporation that some people encroach and occupy the area where such channels or storm water drainage exist. This results into failure of the disposal system of the rainwater. The standing committee of the corporation has passed a resolution NO. 131 dated 27-06-1997 whereby the corporation has been given rights to collect fine from those who infringe the rules and regulations.

Accordingly the corporation is entitled to collect a fine of Rs. 5,000/- from the domestic user and Rs. 10,000/- from the commercial users who are responsible for such encroachment. Moreover, the corporation can recover the total amount of damage caused to the storm water drainage from the person who is responsible for the same.

Owing to the above-mentioned facts, complaints regarding encroachments on storm water drainage and channels are to be made to the ward office so that necessary procedure can be carried out.

The following actions are taken by the Executive Engineer for the disposal of the storm water.
1. Maintenance and cleanliness of the Bhukhi channels.
2. Maintenance and cleanliness of the Ruparel channel.
3. Maintenance and cleanliness of the Mahi channel.

Information regarding underground Polluted water Department.

1. Issuing drainage connections and complaints regarding it.

New drainage connections are issued by the administrative wards. The following procedure is to be followed for the same.

1. An application is to be made in the administrative ward office through a licensed plumber.
2. Such an application should be supported by a completion certificate, a receipt of the municipal tax bill and a certificate of the flow test of the drainage on the internal road, if applicable.
3. A properly made application is considered positively. Necessary deposits are required to be paid from time to time. Once such application is sanctioned. Work order for drainage connection is issued only after such deposits are paid. The connection is then linked with the municipal line after getting the certificate from the licensed plumber stating that the work is completed.

2. Procedure for approval of the drainage line on the internal roads of the colony at the 100% expense of the applicant.

A. The work is to be done through a licensed plumber. An application should be made with copies of the approved layout plan with building permission in triplicate.
B. The Corporation will give primary consent after due assessment of the situation. The applicant will be informed in writing to pay Rs.2000/- as fees for preparing estimate. An administrative approval will be acquired from the competent authority after receiving the fees for the estimate i.e. Rs.2000/-. The applicant then will be informed to pay 4% supervision charge along with the prevailing development charges. A work order will then be issued to commence the work.
C. Certificates regarding maintaining quality of work will have to be received from the Executive Engineer at different stages. The Executive Engineer will have to conduct a flow test. A drainage flow test will then be issued as per the rules to connect the line. Necessary building completion certificate will also have to be acquired once such flow test is conducted. A connection will then be issued.

3. Maintenance of the Drainage Line.

Many a times complaints regarding drainage overflow are received by the Corporation. Such complaints are to be made in the concerned ward office. A receipt is issued by the ward office.

1. Maintenance, cleanliness and repair of the underground drainage line.
2. To discontinue / re-continue the existing connections.
3. To solve the complaints regarding dirty water.
4. To solve the complaints regarding drainage chock up.
5. Issuing new underground drainage connections.
6. Ascending or descending the chambers or main holes of the existing drainage.
7. A vehicle to empty the septic tank is made available by the municipal corporation on payment of the prevailing charges.

Maintenance of the Treatment Plant, Drainage Pumping Stations and Trunk Lines.

Maintenance of the Drainage treatment work is looked after by the Executive Engineer (Drainage). Such complaints are also solved by him. Complaints regarding maintenance of the drainage pumping stations, pressure lines and trunk lines are also looked after by the Executive Engineer (Drainage Project).


Land and Estate Department

Brief information about the work done by the commercial branch of the land & estate department.

1. Cloth Banners :

A prescribed form is required to be filled in by the applicant to get permission to display banners. On the basis of the information provided, the permission is granted for a month or a part thereof. Such permission is granted for one metre cloth banner. Such permission is granted subject to condition that the banner will not be displayed across the road, as the purpose is non-commercial. The charges are recovered @ Rs.25/- per sq.metre.

2. Hoarding on private land :

An application is required to be made on a prescribed form worth Rs.20/- for getting permission to display hoarding on a private land. On the basis of the application the permission is granted after due investigation. The charges for this type of hoarding are Rs.25/- per sq.metre for one year.

3. Wall paintings and Posters :

Permission for wall painting and pasting posters is given for the private land only. No such permission is given to paste or paint on the Govt. land. The charges for painting is Rs.15/- per sq.metre per month. Whereas the charges for poster is Rs.3/- per sq.foot per month. Permission of the landlord is also required.

4. Gate/Arch :

Permission for erecting a gate or an arch is given for a period of five days only on producing N.O.C. from the traffic branch and the Commissioner of Police. The charges for erecting this type of gate is Rs.500/- for a simple gate and Rs.750/- for a box type gate. Such permission is given after getting consent from the competent authority.

5. Sale of T.P./Non T.P. Land :

Various plots have been kept reserved in the final old T.P. for different purposes such as community centre, neighbour centre, district centre, etc. Such plots are given on lease or are sold at the rates decided by the valuation committee.
Consent of the applicant is invited if demand is made by the applicant to buy such plots and that the land is available and the party in question agrees to buy the plot at the rate decided by the valuation committee or the General Board.

On receiving the consent from the buyer, the Municipal Commissioner prepares a resolution for the approval of the General Board and the procedure to sell is followed as per the instruction of the General Board.

The land spared in the non-T.P. scheme and free from the road line is also sold by this department. An application in a prescribed form is required to be done to buy such a land. Copies of the property card, sanad, municipal tax bill, ration card, site plan and relevant documents of the land are to be produced alongwith the application.

On receiving the application from the applicant, land survey is undertaken by the surveyor. In there is no provision to make use of this land is found by the corporation, the approval of the General Board and that of the Government is acquired. The procedure is then undertaken to sell the land.

Various plots of T.P./non T.P. schemes area also given for marriage/social function or commercial purposes on hire basis for a temporary period. The land is also given free of charge for religious purpose as per the conditions agreed upon after acquiring permission from the competent authority.

No printed forms are available for buying land.

Work undertaken by the Land and Estate Department (Commercial):

1. Rent Portfolio: The department administers various shops in the municipal shopping centers, cabins on the municipal land given under license, lawris, vegetable markets, etc. It also prepares various resolutions to make amendments in the present rules, regulations etc. and sends then to the Standing Committee or the General Board for approval. It than implements such resolutions various parking lots are also given on the contract basis after arranging a public auction.

The department removes the encroachment on the roads and makes them free or the traffic. This is done in accordance with the directions of the horrible Supreme Court. Hawking/Non hawking zones are separated and are confirmed by the competent courts. The department has also entered a writ petition No.657/86 in the Supreme Court against increasing cases of litigation regarding encroachment by the ever-increasing lawris, cabins, etc.

The work related to name various main roads, lanes, biplanes, to prepare and place different status/idols etc. is also done by this department. The work is undertaken on receiving application from the applicant/organization etc. Opinion of the Commissioner of Police and that of the traffic branch is asked for and then the resolution is sent for approval of the General Board. An application on a plane paper is required to be made alongwith the regarding particulars, historical proof, photographs, etc.


Street Light Department


Public Premises of the Municipal Corporation are illuminated on the specific festivals as decided by the standing committee. Light arrangements are also made on special religious occasions such as Ganesh Utsav, Tajiya Procession, God Narshinhji's procession etc. This is done to maintain the law and order situation.

There are ten different complaint centers. The name and telephone numbers are given below.

Ward No. 2 2412692
Ward No. 3 2461487
Ward No. 4 2651020
Ward No. 5 2327867
Ward No. 7 2794882
Ward No. 8 2411057
Ward No. 9 2460332
Ward No. 10 2380790
Hari Nagar Gotri. 2331767
GIDC (Commercial Bldg.) 2644859

A special emergency night cell is also situated at Khanderao Market Bldg. Telephone No. 2434216. This cell solves complaints regarding failure of electricity in the entire area etc.


Record Department


Record department of the municipal corporation deals with issuing copies of various public records kept by the department An application is required to be made by the applicant copies of resolutions, maps, site plans, B-form, voters list, birth & death certificates etc are issued within a period of seven days.

Charges for issuing copies of various records are given below.

Building Plan Rs. 600/per copy
Layout Plan Rs. 600/per copy
Site Plan Rs. 200/per copy
Site Plan with road Rs. 300/per copy
Assessment Reg. Copy Rs. 30/per copy
Completion Certificate Rs. 26/per copy
B-form Copy Rs. 26/per copy
Certificate Rs. 26/per copy
Copy of Permission letter Rs. 26/per copy
Copy of shop & establishment Rs. 26/per copy
Objection application Copy Rs. 26/per copy
Board resolution Rs. 26/per copy
Copy of Voters list Rs. 26/per copy
Plinth Checking copy Rs. 26/per copy
Letter of possession Rs. 26/per copy

Applications for a copy of the aforesaid documents are accepted by the department.

The applications for getting copies of the above documents are thoroughly scrutinized by the department and then sent to the concerned department.

Copies of the house rent assessment register is issued only for a period of the last sixteen years as decided by the Standing Committee Resonation No.183 dated 5-2-94.

Certificates of birth & death are issued by the Birth & Death branch of the Health Department.

Particulars regarding documents other than building Plan

The following document such as:-

  1. Layout Plan
  2. Site Plan
  3. Permission letter
  4. Completion Certificate
  5. Plinth Checking Certificate
  6. Occupation Certificate

For getting certified copies of the aforesaid document, the following particulars are required to be submitted along with the application. Such application is thoroughly scrutinized by the concerned department and then only such issued by the record dept.

  1. Copy of the property cord
  2. Copy of the particulars of 7/12
  3. Copy of index
  4. Copy of the Deed (Dastavej)
  5. Certificate of the president of the society.

Health Department

Dy, Health Officer 2397831
Urban T.B. Control Society 2421236
Medical Officer (Jubilee Baug) 2422336
Medical Officer(Manjalpur) 22656256
Medical Officer (Akota) 233887
Medical Officer (Vadi) 2563857
Medical Officer (Fatehpura) 2410955
Res. Medical Officer (Morning) 2562010
Immunization Officer 2633315
Child Development Officer 2428178

Head Office of the health department is situated in the Khanderao Market Building. Various branches of the department are functioning under direct control of the Health Officer.

1. Immunization Branch :

This branch provides triple vaccine to the children free of charge from 9 AM to 6 PM. International Certificate is also issued to the foreign goers regarding cholera vaccination. Anti rabbis vaccination is also made available from 9 AM to 3 PM. in the branch office at Khanderao Market Building. Municipal ward wise vaccination is undertaken by this department.

2. Jubilee Baug Staff Dispensary :

Bavchavad integrated health center
Municipal Corporation provides medical facilities to its employees and to the citizens. Municipal Corporation maintains a maternity home, family welfare center, Family Planning Center, Laboratory services, etc. Time for the maternity department is from 9 AM to 12 AM. & 3 PM to 6.30 PM.

3. X-ray unit :

X-ray unit has been opened in Jubilee Baug Dispensary for the public where x-ray facility is available for Rs.40/- The card holder employee of the Corporation gets this service free of charge.

4. General Hospital :

General hospitals are situated at different places in the city which provide medical services to the affected people during epidemics, floods, etc. They are situated at Navi Dharati Slum Quarters, Fatehpura, Mangleshwar, Makarpura, Manjalpur, Akota, Danteshwar, Sharad nagar, Navapura, Tandalja, Gotri, Navayard, Bavchavad, etc.

5. Pathological Laboratory :

Pathological Laboratory provides services of testing blood, urine, stool, etc. to the people. Free testing is available for people having their income less than Rs.500/- P.M. An income certificate for the same is necessary. Samples in the laboratory are collected from 9 to 11 AM only. Laboratory time is 8.30 to 12 AM & 3 to 6.30 PM.

A new machine costing Rs.6,60,000/- has been installed in the Jubilee Baug pathological laboratory for eighteen different types of computerized blood tests.

A new computerized chemistry analyzer has also been installed in bio-chemistry department for 24 types of different bio-chemical tests.


Food Inspection Department


The food inspection branch directly works under the control of Dy. Municipal Commissioner (A). In order to prevent food adulteration it collects samples of food from various hotels, godowns, factories, lodges, restaurants, lawris, etc. and gets it inspected and analysed by the public health laboratory. This is done under Food Adulteration Prevention Act 1954. On the basis of the report of the public analyst, a case is filed in the court against the persons responsible for either manufacturing or selling adulterated food.


(A) Food License :

It is compulsory to obtain food license under Rule-5 of the Gujarat State Food Adulteration Rules-1961.

  1. License is required for a daily quantity of eatables such as milk, milk products, cream, curd, butter, ghee, spices, margarine, fats, etc.
  2. License is issued on the basis of the floor area in case of manufacturing and providing space to eat eatables such as sweets, cooked food, cold drinks, ice cream, candy, milk candy, biscuits, bakery items, etc.
  3. A separate system of issuing license is also prevailing for manufacturing or trading on wholesale basis products such as ghee, butter, fats, margarine, oils, grinded spices, curry powder, etc.

Licenses are required to be obtained for manufacturing, trading or preserving eatables as mentioned above for every year. Required forms are available from the sanitary branch of the concerned ward office and required fee is also to be paid there.


(B) Complaints & Testing of eatables :

Public Health laboratory is situated at Lehripura New Road. Any kind of eatables can be tested here on payment of fixed charges. Any person having doubt regarding quality of the eatable can make a written complaint to the Dy. Commissioner (A) who is a local health authority. On the basis of the complaint, samples are collected and tested as per the provisions of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954.


(C) Complaint & Testing of Water :

Potable water which is supplied to the citizens is also tested here. Water from various sources such as bore well, well, apartment, etc. can be tested in the laboratory on payment of required fees. In case where water is made available through pipeline is suspected to be contaminated, a complaint should be lodged either to the ward officer or to the health officer. Samples are collected by the ward office and then the laboratory will provide a testing report within 24 to 30 hours to the concerned officer.

Note: Proforma Form A & B are enclosed. Time of the Public Health Laboratory.

1.30 AM to 2 PM & 2.30 PM to 6.10 PM.

Private samples are collected between

10.30 AM to 2.00 PM.


Tourist Department

Tourist Officer 2573113
Manager (Tourist Guest House) 2794456
Manager (Gandhinagar Gruh & Vivekanand Art Gallery) 2410914
Athithi Gruh Booking Office 2794020
Sardarbaug 2335383
Lalbaug 2651575

Vadodara Telephone Department

General Inquiry 197
Local Assistance 199
Information 183
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